• A NEW breakthrough for sphere lens wearers
  • Digital Zone Optics™ help ease eye tiredness associated with accommodative burden without impacting distance vision
  • Aquaform® Technology attracts and binds water throughout the lens material to retain moisture – natural wettability that can help eyes feel less dry
  • Monthly replacement lenses for daily or extended wear
  • Fits like a single-vision lens

Biofinity Energys

  • To purchase contact lenses from Zyeu Optometrists Eaton Centre, you must already have a file with us or provide by us by email (centre-eaton@zyeu.com) a valid contact lens prescription signed by your eyecare provider (Optometrist or Optician or Ophthalmologist).

  • With the purchase of # boxes, you will receive a mail in refund from supplier. Instructions and coupon will be sent by email.

    4 boxes of 6 lenses = 40$ mail-in refund